PC Mantra : Double PM Kisan Samman Fund, 3K to MGNREGA & 6K to Urban Poors

New Delhi : Former finance minister P Chidambaram has made the following 10 suggestions to pump up the economy amid the COVID-19 horror.

1. Doubling the “amount paid under PM-KISAN to Rs 12,000 and transfer the additional amount immediately to the bank account of each beneficiary and also to bring “tenant farmers under PM-KISAN….

2. Transfer Rs 12,000 in two installments to the bank account of each tenant farmer.

3. Transferring a sum of Rs 3,000 to the bank accounts of registered MGNREGA workers and for the urban poor

4. Transferring a sum of Rs 6,000 into their Jan Dhan accounts.

5. Provision of 10 kilograms of free rice or wheat, as a one-time measure for the 21-day period.

6. Government should ensure that registered employers maintain the level of employment and wages in this period of crisis.

7. Ward or block-wise register to be maintained which includes all those people who are not excluded from the payments received in any of the above categories

8. Open a new bank account for them.

9. Extending the deadlines of tax payment till June 30 and that of all kinds of EMI payments to banks till the same date.

10. Cutting GST rate by 5 percent on all wage goods, essential goods and services, and all goods of mass consumption between April 1 and June 30.



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