1,922 people involved in Delhi riots identified, says Amit Shah

Home minister Amit Shah said the NDA government was not running away from a discussion on Delhi communal riots and had set the dates for the discussion in both the houses after the Holi festival keeping the need to maintain communal harmony.

Shah was responding on Thursday in Rajya Sabha to the debate on the Delhi riots in February that took 52 lives.

Shah responded to several allegations made by the opposition benches including that the Delhi police was not registering FIRs of all complainants.

Explaining that multiple FIRs couldn’t be registered on a single incident, the home minister said counter-claims on the same incident were attached to the existing FIRs.

“Over 700 FIRs had been registered till date” Shah said.

Shah reiterated that the investigations were being done in a completely scientific manner and that not a single guilty individual will be spared by the government.

“1170 faces had been recognized till yesterday, 1,922 faces and individuals have been identified until Thursday morning. These people have been seen rioting, throwing stones, damaging property,” said Shah.

Shah said there are forty teams deployed by the Delhi police to arrest the identified culprits.

According to figures provided by him in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, 52 people were killed, 526 were injured, 371 shops were burnt and 142 homes were destroyed in the riots.


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